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As part of our £500k in 100 days campaign, levy gifting manager, Beckie Holmes, explains how smaller businesses can access training funds to take on an apprentice or help their employees to upskill.

What is Total People's £500k in 100 days campaign aiming to do for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)?  

Our campaign aims to provide free training funds for SMEs for apprenticeships, money which has been gifted from larger organisations.

"SMEs can access these gifted funds to upskill their existing employees or take on a new apprentice, meaning they won't have to pay the co-investment charge for the apprenticeship training (that they would usually be required to pay) because the gifting employers are paying in full."

How can SMEs benefit from levy gifted funds?

"SMEs can only use these gifted funds for apprenticeship training and assessment and these funds can only be used for apprenticeship standards (not frameworks.) Funds will be paid monthly for the duration of the apprenticeship."

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What steps do they need to take?

"They need to have either their Government Gateway ID and Password, or simply their PAYE reference number.

"Once an SME has either, all they have to do is call us on 0333 242 5680 and we can help with the rest of the process."

How easy is the process?

"Very easy! Our dedicated customer support team will talk them through how to create an account on the National Apprenticeship Service and next steps. This only takes a matter of seconds to complete and allows the gifting employer to connect with the SME, so that they can receive the funds."

How can they get in touch to start the process?

"All they need to do is pick up the phone and call us on 0333 242 5680 or visit our SME employer page."

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