Richard Bolshaw

Richard Bolshaw, who is a progressed apprentice and is now a shining example at Beaconplus, imparts his experience as an apprentice.  

We are proud to work in partnership with Beaconplus as they are a fantastic company that strongly promote personal growth and development of their staff through the apprenticeship and up-skilling route. As you'll see from these case studies, a large number of their employees have been, and still are, going through the apprenticeship route; from new starters all the way up to managers. 

Where are you/what role do you hold in the company now?

“I hold the role of mobile analyst.  However, I will shortly be moving to telecoms to grow my skill set and advance in the company.”

What made you want to be an apprentice?

“I thought it was a good way to start a career as I was able to immerse myself in a role that I could pick up while having the ability to ask questions and have support from my mentors.”

What is it like to earn and learn?

“It feels satisfying as you have the ability to chip in financially while knowing you are learning skills for life.”

How did it feel on your first day?

“It was daunting however as everyone made me feel welcome it was certainly enjoyable.”

What has the support been like from Total People?

“Total people are always only an email or phone call away and the regular meetings with my personal tutor definitely make me feel as if I can rely on them for help.”

How have you enjoyed working at Beaconplus

“I have really enjoyed the experience so far and definitely feel it has increased my confidence.”

What have been some of your highlights so far?

“Highlights have included implementing deals that have saved clients large funds and providing customer service that impresses clients.”

How do you feel an apprenticeship has benefited you, both personally and professionally?

“It has benefited me personally as my confidence and attitude has improved significantly both in and out of work.  It has benefited me professionally as I am able to progress my career in the company that I started at.”

What is your five-year plan?  Has your apprenticeship helped shaped your future career?

“My five-year plan is to get into management.  The apprenticeship has assisted me with this.”

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