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Neil Jones, Business Development Manager, IDM Engineering
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Our £500k in 100 day campaign is encouraging small and medium enterprises to access levy gifted funds for training funds at no cost themselves. 

IDM Engineering, in Chester, accessed some of the £100k of levy funds that SPIE UK gifted to help engineering apprentices in the built environment sector. We spoke to Neil Jones, Business Development Manager at IDM Engineering, who explained how these funds brought immediate benefits to the business.

As an employer, why did you choose to access levy gifted funds? 

"IDM Engineering has always recognised the benefits of employing and developing apprentices. Not only does it help support IDM Engineering’s succession programme, but more widely it’s a privilege to invest in the future of British manufacturing. 

Normally, SMEs don’t always have the time to access levy gifting that can help towards an apprenticeship programme but having the support, advice and guidance from organisations like Total People has made the process so much easier and accessible.

How has your business benefited from levy gifting?

"The benefits of levy gifting have been two-fold for IDM Engineering. Firstly, it enabled us to engage a senior member of the team, widen his skill base and knowledge and present him with a clear career path and future. Secondly, we were also able to employ a new apprentice that will provide a natural successor to our senior site engineer."

What would you say to businesses considering accessing levy funds?


Don’t hesitate in taking full advantage of organisations like Total People to access levy funding opportunities.

"It takes less time than you think and the long-term rewards are real to businesses wanting to grow." 

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